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Two of my original collections have been re-issued. They have been improved with new covers, additional music and revised layout for easier reading.

For Let’s Pretend! – a new piece Cowboy joins the gang. The Great Wizard has been re-written to fit nicely between both hands and Beautiful Princess is now in a key to eliminate all those flat accidentals. Take a look!






Out of the Box has been enhanced with some exciting new music and a few title changes. I’m very excited aboutParade for One’ – formerly Marching to your own Drummer.  High quality video recordings are being scheduled in the next month but here is an initial (rough) sound file


And Shhhhh is now called Veiled. Spinning has jumped up  a level and a new piece, Brush Strokes has been added to balance the ‘quieter side’ of the collection.  Have fun exploring the scores here!



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