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Piano Collections



Giggles’n Kids - Beginner, Prep A/B, Elementary to Level 1

A fun book of 30 little etudes for Elementary Level!

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Giggles'n Kids sample video

Giggles’n Kids Hard Copy $17.99

Giggles’n Kids E-Book $15.00

Giggles’n Kids Studio License $45.00

Arctic Voices - Early Intermediate to Early Advanced

Sounds of the Arctic, alone, haunting, vast and dangerous. Includes the piano solo 'Arctic Voices' - Winner of the 2011 CFMTA Call for Compositions.

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Arctic Voices Hard Copy $19.99

Arctic Voices E-Book $15.00

Arctic Voices Studio License $45.00

Individual E-Pieces

Arctic Voices solo 5.00

Arctic Fox

Drum Dance

Lament for the Polar Bear

Toques and Parkas

Arctic Wolf


Dancing Skies


Piano Mime in Concert - Intermediate to early advanced

Listed on the 2022 RCM Piano Syllabus - Twelve engaging character pieces to spark the imagination! Contemporary harmonies are paired with an exciting selection of mood and style to offer a fresh and unique sound experience!

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Memory of a Waltz Score


Piano Mime Score


The Trolls are Coming! score


Dancing Clowns score


Lullaby with Ground Bass score


Sleepwalking score


Did You Have to Go score


Quiet Cove score


Night Shadows score


brand new sneakers score


High Jinks score


Tornado score


Piano Mime Hard Copy $17.99

Piano Mime E-Book $15.00

Piano Mime Studio License $45.00

Individual E-Pieces

Dancing Clowns

Memory of a Waltz

High Jinks


Quiet Cove

Did You Have to Go

Trolls are Coming!

Night Shadows

Piano Mime

brand new sneakers

Lullaby w Ground Bass


new winter

Winter! - Elementary to Intermediate

A fun collection of character pieces to brighten those dreary winter days!

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Winter Sample Video

Winter Collection Hard Copy $17.99

Winter E-Book $15.00

Winter Studio License $45.00

Individual E-Pieces

Snow Day!

Snowboots’n Shovels

Icy Sidewalks

Runaway Toboggan

Just Chill’in


40 Below

The Blizzard Blues

Longing for Summer

Blustery Winds, Cold Noses

Skating on the Rideau Canal


Catch the Magic - Elementary to Early Intermediate

A magical collection of solos perfect for recitals and festivals!

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Cloaked score

Castles score

Twinkle, Twinkle score

Dinosaur Bones score

Magic Carpet Ride score

Sleuth score

Blue Jeans score

Castles in the Air score

Cinderella's Waltz score

A Musical Ride score

Catch the Magic Hard Copy $17.99

Catch the Magic E-book $15.00

Catch the Magic Studio License $45.00

Individual E-Pieces



Twinkle, Twinkle

Dinosaur Bones

Magic Carpet Ride


Blue Jeans

Castles in the Air

Cinderella’s Waltz

A Musical Ride

Piano Poems - Intermediate, Grades 5 to 7

A 'must have' collection of lyrical, introspective pieces for the sensitive musician.

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Piano Poems Hard Copy $19.99

Piano Poems E-Book $15.00

Piano Poems Studio License $45.00

Individual E-Pieces

Remembering You

Walk with Me

Lavender Dreams


Antique Lace

After the Rain


Sail Away


Out of the Box final 2

Out of the Box - Late Intermediate/Advanced Grades 7 to 9

Cheery and Quirky! These pieces are perfect for encores. Have fun with them, all a little different, all slightly 'out of the box'!

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Out of the Box Hard Copy $19.99

Out of the Box E-Book $15.00

Out of the Box Studio License $45.00

Individual E-Pieces


Brush Strokes

Parade for One

Ferry Boat Ride


The Jitters

Bounce, Rattle’n Squeak




Little Hands, Big Pieces - Elementary, Grades 1 - 4

A fun and imaginative book to have your little ones sounding big in their first year. Every piece a pupil saver! Easy to teach, easy to learn. A teachers dream!

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Faerie Dust

Rock Climbing


Space Adventure

Hero's March


Cotton Candy

Space Walk

Tribal Dance

Magic Spell

Three Cornered Hats


Tea and Sweets

Little Hands, Big Pieces Hard Copy $17.99

Little Hands, Big Pieces E-Book $15.00

Little Hands, Big Pieces Studio License $45.00

Individual E-Pieces

Space Adventure

Faerie Dust

Rock Climbing

Hero’s March

Space Walk


Tribal Dance

I am the King!


Tea and Sweets

Cotton Candy

Big Foot

Magic Spell


Three Cornered Hats

Let’s Pretend - Elementary, Grades 1 to 4

Let your student's imagination take center stage as your students enthusiastically 'pretend to be' with each enchanting tale. Fourteen pieces in all and every piece includes words to help tell the story!

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Let’s Pretend Hard Copy $17.99

Lets Pretend E-Book $15.00

Lets Pretend Studio License $45.00

Individual E-Pieces

I Can Fly!

I’m a Pretty Ballerina

I’m an Astronaut

I’m a Scary Monster

I’m an Alien

I’m Invisible

I am the King!

I’m a Robot

I’m a Fireman


The Great Wizard!

Soldier’s March

I’m a Beautiful Princess

I’m a Rockstar

Dance, Danse, Danza – Volume 1 - Early Advanced, Grade 7/8/9

Lively dances and a little bit of soul to get you moving!

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Old Town Score

Cool Score

Dance, Danse, Danza Vol 1 Hard Copy $17.99

Dance, Danse, Danza Vol 1 E-Book $15.00

Dance, Danse, Danza Vol 1 Studio License $45.00

Old Town


Wild Ceilidh

Dance, Danse, Danza – Volume 2 - Advanced Grade 10/ARCT

Imaginative and showy, music for students who want to stand out and capture everyone's attention!

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Dance, Danse, Danza Vol 2 Hard Copy $19.99

Dance, Danse, Danza Vol 2 E-Book $15.00

Dance, Danse, Danza Vol 2 Studio License $45.00

Wayward Waltz

Reveler’s Dance

Ophelia Dances Alone

Dance, Danse, Danza Volume 3 – Scatter Dance - ARCT/Diploma

A virtuosic showpiece that is wildly fun to play. Scatter Dance will make a striking impression with its high percussive energy and playful tonality.

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Dance, Danse, Danza Vol 3 Hard Copy $19.99

Dance, Danse, Danza Vol 3 E-Book $12.00

Dance, Danse, Danza Vol 3 Studio License $27.00