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Cool Cat - Late Elementary Level 2 - 3

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Cool Cat

Cool Cat Hard Copy $9.00

Cool Cat E-Piece $8.00

Cool Cat Studio License $27.00

Three to Tango - Late Elementary Level 2 - 3

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Three to Tango

Three to Tango Hard Copy $9.00

Three to Tango E-Piece $8.00

Three to Tango Studio License $27.00

O’Yeah - Late Elementary Level 2 - 3

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O’Yeah Hard Copy $9.00

O’Yeah E-Piece $8.00

O’Yeah Studio License $27.00

Latin Tracks - Intermediate, Level 4/5

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Latin Tracks

Latin Tracks Hard Copy $9.00

Latin Tracks E-Piece $8.00

Latin Tracks Studio License $27.00

Threesome Blues - Beginner Pre-Reading

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Threesome Blues

Threesome Blues Hard Copy $9.00

Threesome Blues E-Piece $8.00

Threesome Blues Studio License $27.00



Creepy Crawlies - Elementary, Middle C Position

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Creepy Crawlies Score

Creepy Crawlies Hard Copy $9.00

Creepy Crawlies E-Piece $8.00

Creepy Crawlies Studio License $27.00

Spirit Dance - Intermediate, Grade 5 to 7

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Spirit Dance score

Spirit Dance Hard Copy $11.00

Spirit Dance E-Piece $8.00

Spirit Dance Studio License $27.00


Amaryllis - Intermediate

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Amaryllis score

Amaryllis Hard Copy $11.00

Amaryllis E-Piece $8.00

Amaryllis Studio License $27.00

willow cover

Willow - Early Intermediate Level 3 - 4

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Willow score

Willow Hard Copy $9.00

Willow E-Piece $8.00

Willow Studio License $27.00

Jesters Dance Cover for web

Jester’s Dance - Early Intermediate

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Jester's Dance score

Jester’s Dance Hard Copy $9.00


Jester’s Dance E-Piece $8.00

Jester’s Dance Studio License $27.00

Rhythm Band - Late Elementary Level 2 - 3

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Rhythm Band

Rhythm Band Hard Copy $9.00

Rhythm Band E-Piece $8.00

Rhythm Band Studio License $27.00

                  Red Leaf Pianoworks

O Canada Duet $9.00

Early Intermediate/Intermediate

Piano Duet - For hardcopy version click on the Red Leaf link above.

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O Canada Score

O Canada Duet E-Piece $8.00

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Cover for Sixty Fingers for web

Sixty Fingers – Two Pianos, Twelve Hands - Early Advanced


A high spirited sextet for six players, this piece is infused with strong accents, catchy rhythms and is a light hearted, upbeat musical romp with a few humorous moments along the way. This sextet is a big crowd pleaser and the final beat of the piece, closing the fall board, makes it particularly well suited to close any recital programme. The score includes parts for each piano as well as individual parts

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Sixty Fingers score