From Dance, Danse, Danza Collection Volume 3, Scatter Dance was reviewed in the CFMTA Canadian Music Teacher magazine.

“A virtuosic showpiece, this is an energetic and powerful advanced atonal piano solo at an ARCT/Diploma Level”. You can read the whole review here.

Happy to announce that the 2021 RCM Violin Series is publishing Jolly Rondo from my Violin Collection ‘Soundplay’. It is contained in the RCM Technique, Etudes and Musicianship Levels 5 to 8 book.

A number of my publications are being added to SuperScore – a new groundbreaking on-line technology that creates interactive software for performing musicians, educators and students. The most recent addition is my Catch the Magic’ collection. Check out how the each score in the collection is streamed on Vimeo.

My Piano Mime in Concert’ and my ‘Dance, Danse, Danza’ collections were reviewed in the national CFMTA Canadian Music Teacher Magazine. Both very informative and extremely positive comments offered. Click here to read the reviews.

An engaging collection of little Dance Vignettes’ for solo violin. This collection was composed using synthetic scales where each dance uses it’s own tonal palette. You can look at score samples here.

Even though this year has had it’s challenges in working with students, I was thrilled to be able to conduct an on-line Masterclass with the auditioned piano students from Earl Haig Secondary School, Toronto. The program included a varied selection of repertoire from a number of my advanced piano collections. The student performances, a combination of recorded performances and live performing from their home, allowed for dialogue and immediate feedback. The students were amazing – extremely musical and polished! Thank you to Kelsey Taylor for coordinating all of this!

Little Hands, Big Pieces has expanded! Each piece of music has an informative Study page to help students learn. A step by step guide to see the patterns on the keyboard as well as reinforce basic music knowledge.

Piano Mime has been reissued! Now called Piano Mime in Concert it has four new pieces added. You can listen to all the pieces here Performed by the amazing Sylvia Shadick-Taylor.

An exciting new and highly original collection of advanced Dance pieces just released! From Grade 7/8 Early Advanced to ARCT/Diploma level – music that will stand out and capture everyone’s attention! Perfect for Recitals and encores! 

Take a look at the scores and view You Tube videos here. – all performed by Joseph Ferretti.

We are Canadians

Written and performed in 2017 to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday, this music is for sharing! You can request of copy of my Junior Choral Anthem called We are Canadians. It’s very traditional musically and is easy to teach, easy to learn. Perfect for school concerts and Festivals! The score is free. Just send a request via my Contact page. I will send you a pdf file of the score and you can also request just the vocal score and/or just the piano score separately. I have one request. If you get the chance to perform it, please let me know so I can share that with everyone! You can see a score sample here. Thanks

A wonderful review of my Let’s Pretend! collection has just been published in the CFMTA’s Canadian Music Teacher Magazine. You can read the article by clicking on this link.  CFMTA-Winter-2018

New video recordings are available for my Out of the Box collections. Click here to listen. And this reaction from my very talented colleague, Martha Hill Duncan.

“Great Out of the Box collection – absolutely stunning Susan – certainly some of your finest work yet! I loved Charissa’s performance.  The collection is complex, sophisticated, quirky and great thematic connection – they all seemed to belong together.  Super!”

Martha Hill Duncan, Composer