A wonderful review of my Let’s Pretend! collection has just been published in the CFMTA’s Canadian Music Teacher Magazine. You can read the article by clicking on this link.  CFMTA-Winter-2018

I’m excited to be included in the new RCM 2015 Piano Syllabus with pieces listed at the grades 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 levels.  My Arctice Voices and Piano Mime Collections are represented.  The Grade 3 Celebration Series Repertoire book contains my piece Arctic Voices.

RCM Piano grade 3

Saskatchewan RMT Online journal – OPUS – has just written a review of the Piano Poems  Collection.

“This collection of 9 piano pieces is sure to delight the introspective pianist”.

 You can click on  Opus Review to read the entire review.

My colleague, Martha Hill Duncan and I had a fun time in Red Deer Alberta at the APTA (Alberta Piano Teachers Association) Convention.


Here we are at the trade show and also the airport where Martha took a picture of us waiting to board. This picture was initially upside down (must have held the iphone the wrong way!). That was a sign of our few days to come as we experienced first, a lost credit card, then, a lost cheque, and finally lost car keys!

But the convention was simply wonderful and the people of APTA were very gracious

and welcoming. We would love to go back!


My piano trio ‘The Threesome Blues’ and ‘Lullaby with Ground Bass from my Piano Mime Collection have been chosen by Adventus to be added to their MusIQ Club software program – an after-school music program for students in schools throughout the US and Canada. I had great fun arranging both pieces for three piano players with a background rhythm track as accompaniment!

Clavier Magazine wrote a review of my Little Hands, Big Pieces and my Piano Mime books.

“Students can use their creativity to explore new sounds with these pieces. A wide range of the keyboard is used, yet the hand spans are appropriate for the levels these book are intended. ‘Little Hands, Big Pieces’ uses blocked and broken triads to create a variety of sounds and moods. This is an excellent study of chords. All the pieces in these books have a clean look and are easy to read with many details, such as dynamics, tempos and metronome markings included. The titles and artwork are imaginative and appealing for young children.”