Monthly Archives: June 2021

Happy to announce that the 2021 RCM Violin Series is publishing Jolly Rondo from my Violin Collection ‘Soundplay’. It is contained in the RCM Technique, Etudes and Musicianship Levels 5 to 8 book.

A number of my publications are being added to SuperScore – a new groundbreaking on-line technology that creates interactive software for performing musicians, educators and students. The most recent addition is my Catch the Magic’ collection. Check out how the each score in the collection is streamed on Vimeo.

My Piano Mime in Concert’ and my ‘Dance, Danse, Danza’ collections were reviewed in the national CFMTA Canadian Music Teacher Magazine. Both very informative and extremely positive comments offered. Click here to read the reviews.

Even though this year has had it’s challenges in working with students, I was thrilled to be able to conduct an on-line Masterclass with the auditioned piano students from Earl Haig Secondary School, Toronto. The program included a varied selection of repertoire from a number of my advanced piano collections. The student performances, a combination of recorded performances and live performing from their home, allowed for dialogue and immediate feedback. The students were amazing – extremely musical and polished! Thank you to Kelsey Taylor for coordinating all of this!