Monthly Archives: November 2009

The ORMTA Notes magazine published a review of my Little Hands, Big Pieces book!

“The difficulty level of these works range from Grades 1 to 4. As the title suggests, these pieces have great potential for teaching triads in solid, broken and chord form. There are fifteen pieces, mostly one page in length. There is a good mixture of time signature here including one in 8/4. Interesting titles match how the pieces should sound an be played. My personal favorite, ‘Big Foot’ has solid triads played in the lower register. The chords occasionally come in on the 1/2 count giving Big Foot a skip to his steps. There is also a great use of black keys in a piece called ‘Rock Climbing’ as the solid triads ascend chromatically. A short description gives insight into how each piece should be played. I think students will really enjoy learning how to play triads in this format!”