Monthly Archives: July 2015

Hockey Sticks’!! A new solo guaranteed to excite the hockey fans in your studio! Fun to play as you get to score a goal at the end! You can see a score sample at Compositions/Piano Solos.

Hockey Sticks solo cover with stroke

s393811018587395324_p44_i1_w375My duet, ‘Willow’, (1 Piano 4 Hands) has just been published in the new CNCM (Canadian National Conservatory of Music) Northern Lights Late Elementary Piano Duets Collection. A sample of the score to be uploaded soon at ¬†

new winter coverIntroducing Winter!’ – a new book of character pieces to lighten the mood of those miserable days of ice and snow and also to celebrate those special exciting moments only found in Winter – like Snowdays and Hockey goals! Music that’s as much fun to play as it was to write.

Score samples can be found on the Compositions/Piano Collections page.

CFMTA 2015A wLeaf for web copyonderful time in Vancouver at the 2015 CFMTA Convention with fellow Red Leaf Composers  Teresa Richert, Martha Hill Duncan, Irene Voros, Beverly Porter.