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Free Games

Piano Olympics

A fabulous game for the studio! Schedule a studio party during the Winter Olympics and it becomes a technique challenge as well. It's guaranteed to be a great success and a lot of fun!  The documents are provided here. Have your students sign up into their ‘sport’ ahead of time, then give them a few weeks to ‘prepare’. Choose a couple of more advanced students (or knowledgeable parents) to ‘judge’ the events by holding up a number between 1 and 10 for each competitor and have someone designated be the timekeeper with a stopwatch. Enjoy!


>> Piano Olympics Rules and Class descriptions

>> Olympics Results by Event

>> Final Olympic Standings



TV Film Studio

A great afternoon can be spent creating a Television show using a video camera and then setting it up so the participants can watch their performances on TV. I have attached the form that I created showing the rolls and responsibilities for each student. It’s so much fun that you can easily forget to stress the main goal of the day ie: performers must be like accomplished “actors” and tell a story convincingly through their performance.


>> TV Film Studio Outline