My piano piece, The Road Goes On was one of the winning entries selected by the CFMTA Call for Compositions. Click here to hear the piece performed on You Tube by the amazing pianist Arianne Ewing-Chow.

The pieces of my flute collection Voices from the Earth’ have been beautifully performed and recorded by renouwned flautist Dianne Aitken. Click on Dianne Aitken bio Sept 2014  to read Dianne’s bio and then hear her performances on the Composition/Solo Instrumental page. Thank you Dianne!

‘Soundplay’ for Violin has newly recorded excerpts by violinist Sarah Fraser Raff. Click on the link below to read all about Sarah. And then go to the Compositions/Solo Instrumental to hear the performances. Thank you Sarah!

Sarah Fraser Raff

Artists in Concert, The Music Gallery, Toronto

Selections from the Arctic Voices collection were performed by Pianist Allison Wiebe (Bio) at the Music Gallery in Toronto.

en garde! for Toy Pianos, music box, acoustic table and cymbal monkey is going to be performed on Dec 11th at the Hart House Sunday Concerts at the University of Toronto. A program entitled ‘Bach to Glasses’ is presented and performed by the junctQin keyboard collective.

The Artists-in-Concert at The Music Gallery in Toronto saw a performance of five of my violin pieces from the Soundplay collection for solo violin performed by Violinist Susan Spier.

Two Piano works from my Out of the Box Collection ‘Shhhhh’ and ‘Bounce, Rattle’n Squeak’ were performed by Joseph Ferretti and Elaine Lau at the Music Monday series held at the Church of the Holy Trinity in downtown Toronto. The Concert was featuring the  junctQin keyboard collective– a trio that specialize in Toy pianos and acoustic tables! It was simply amazing!

Renowned flautist Dianne Aitken performs a selection flute pieces from Voices from the Earth  Collection for solo flute at the Central Toronto Branch ORMTA (Ontario Registered Music Teachers Assoc) Annual General Meeting in Toronto.

Toronto Flautist Christine Mourre performed five pieces for flute from my Voices from the Earth collection for solo flute. This was a world premier for these pieces!

And afternoon of presenting 21st Century Music! At The Music Gallery in downtown Toronto eight composers gathered to present their works to an appreciative audience. A great variety of styles was heard. Red Leafers Martha Hill Duncan and Beverly Porter were there as well as Composers Andrew Ager, Barry Peters, Maria Molinari, Beverly Lewis, Maxine Willan and we also heard works by Rebekah Maxner and Jack Behrens. I had my little students present some of my works and then performed a couple of pieces myself. A wonderful afternoon of music making!